MINOTAURS “The Thing” out in August!

What do you get when you combine ex-Rheostatic and current Ron Sexsmith drummer/producer Don Kerr, with ex-Holy Fuck and King Cobb Steelie bassist Kevin Lynn, Feuermusik, Canaille and go-to indie-rock-session saxophonist Jeremy Strachan, guitar duelling brother tandem of Dan and Ryan Levecque, and indie-songwriter Nathan Lawr? Answer: MINOTAURS.

Inspired heavily by the work of legendary Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, MINOTAURS take the funky, slinky backbone of afrobeat and apply it to the indie-rock-folk songs of Nathan Lawr. Its propulsive rhythms and syncopated horn arrangements are catchy, inspiring, and mind-boggling funky all at once.

Featuring appearances from vocalists and songwriters Bry Webb of Constantines fame and Gavin Gardiner of The Wooden Sky, and Hylozoists mastermind Paul Aucoin, The Thing is a record about the invisible powers that hold us together and pull us apart. It is a rhythmic exploration of the kind only a band full of drummers could make! Engineered and co-produced by Don Kerr, The Thing was written and arranged by Nathan Lawr, who has drummed with many of Canada’s brightest stars like Constantines, FemBots, Royal City, and Feist. Howie Beck (who produced albums for Hayden, Jason Collett, and Matthew Barber) also lends his mixing talents to the project; and Andy Magoffin, who is known best for his work with his own band, Two Minute Miracles, and his production work for Jim Guthrie and Great Lake Swimmers, was behind the mastering.

It is an ambitious and captivating sound. It is truly a new strain in the Canadian indie-rock genealogy. Part funk, part psychedelic, part protest record, The Thing will knock you off your feet while gently caressing you in the process.

Cd released August 17, 2010 on Static Clang; digital out two weeks earlier on August 3.

Upcoming shows;
E-bar – Guelph, June 24, 2010
The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, June 25, 2010
Hillside Festival – Guelph, July 24, 2010
The Piston – Toronto, August 28,2010


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