Minotaurs “Aum” out now

Weird Waves, MINOTAURS’ 2015 apocalyptic-psychedelic-afro-folk-epic, further confirmed the band’s status as a unique creative force and live performance juggernaut. The album, produced by main songwriter and frontman (as well as a veteran drummer extraordinaire and Three Gut Records alumni) Nathan Lawr and mixed by Jeff McMurrich (Jennifer Castle, Bry Webb, and Idee Fixe label honcho) revealed even more layers to their kaleidoscopically compelling and catchy sound.

The band is now preparing the release of their fourth full-length album for which the band brought in saxophonist Stuart Bogie, whose work with Brooklyn-based afrobeat/jazz ensemble Antibalas and Canadian indie rock royalty Arcade Fire has been inspirational for MINOTAURS. Bogie’s influence during pre-production helped the band find fresh ways to create and congeal as a group. The result is the more expansive and raw, AUM.

Out May 26. Available here.




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