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Takes Time

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What a difference a decade makes. After 10 years making music for film, television, side-projects and video games, Toronto indie-rock icon Jim Guthrie gets back to his core with a brilliant new LP called Takes Time. Initially recorded in 2007 by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre), Takes Time is a wondrous batch of ambitious rock, pop, and folk, framed by Guthrie’s clear-eyed worldview and our relationship to existence and temporality. The record is out May 7 in Canada on Static Clang, who proudly present it digitally, on CD, and vinyl.

By the time his pioneering namesake label Three Gut shut down in 2005, Guthrie had already set off on a new course, composing music for TV ads, scoring acclaimed documentaries and films (The Bodybuilder and I, Real Time, When We Were Boys, Indie Game: The Movie, and 2013’s The Manor, which opens the 20th annual Hot Docs film festival), and writing soundtracks for million-selling video games like Sword and Sworcery. Though he popped up in Islands for a spell, tended to the legacy of his old band Royal City with a rarities/b-sides comp released by Asthmatic Kitty, and formed Human Highway with Nick Thorburn, he mostly gave his voice a rest and let his command of instruments and technology do the talking.

Takes Time restores the balance in Guthrie’s working life and finally soothes fans clamouring for his wisely-crafted songs. As the title suggests, Guthrie really deliberated over this record for the past six years and it’s here now, in all its glory. And, as his “The Rest is Yet to Come” reasons, “If it takes time, it’s never late.”

“This album is awesome.” – Tim Kingsbury (Arcade Fire)

“Jimmy Guthrie has a place among the royalty of music and is, at long last, returning to his throne.” – Feist

For more info head to jimguthrie.org.

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