King Cobb Steelie

Just so you know Pheromone Recordings is putting out the re-mastered and re-packaged re-issue of King Cobb Steelie’s Project Twinkle on October 30, 2012.

From the press release – Guelph agit-dub provocateurs King Cobb Steelie’s Project Twinkle is getting a much deserved re-issue with a re-mastered and re-packaged version of the 1994 masterpiece hitting the street Tuesday October 30.

Produced by bassist and sound scientist Bill Laswell and originally released in Canada on the lunamoth label through EMI, Project Twinkle immediately solidified KCS’s reputation as one of Canada’s finest new bands.

Project Twinkle’s 10 tracks and 60 minutes of music are a true aural experience blending 80s hardcore influences with jazz/dub/ambient and electronica in stunning fashion. Laswell’s mix, with its huge bottom end and restless sonic exploration, stands the test of time, making Project Twinkle as contemporary today as it was in 1994.

A dub wise Mad Professor remix of “Italian Ufology Today” was unearthed and is added as a bonus track.

Why now? Pheromone’s proprietor Kim Cooke: “I have never stopped listening to this amazing record since its release and when I recently realized that it was out of print, it was a no brainer to bring it back via Pheromone. This is seminal, vital music that was way ahead of its time. Hear it, celebrate it.”

Also renowned for their sprawling live shows and outstanding musicianship, it’s only appropriate that King Cobb Steelie would celebrate the re-issue of Project Twinkle with an evening dedicated to it. On November 29 at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, the band will play Project Twinkle in its entirety beginning to end. Original guitarist/vocalist Kevan Byrne will join bassist Kevin Lynn, guitarist Al Okada, percussionist Michael Armstrong and drummer Robin Buckley in a night not to be missed.

Click to hear the re-mastered version of “Triple Oceanic Experience”:

Project Twinkle reviews from back in the day:

Now Magazine, September 22, 1994
NNNNN, by Tim Perlich
“As rhythmically switched on as King Cobb Steelie’s sideways Afro-deconstructions have become, Project Twinkle still shakes like a stunning overachievement. That could have something to do with the mystical dubwise production of cultural collisionist Bill Laswell and sidekick cut-up Bob Musso, but there’s an added spiritual dimension in these pulsing grooves that doesn’t register on VU meters. Whatever caused it, we can all bow our heads to the mountain tomb of Sidi Samharouche that these Guelph goomers got this life-enriching throb down on tape.”

The Wire, February 1995
“Project Twinkle kicks off like early Talking Heads after a strong amphetamine-steroid cocktail: urgent, muscular guitar-funk with polyrhythmic backing. The ‘angst rock’ vocals come on a bit strong at various points but are generally held in check by a tight but varied muscular backdrop and an unfussy Bill Laswell production. ‘Slump’ and ‘Triple Oceanic Experience’ provide frenetic funk, ‘Italian Ufology Today’ is a dub-based thing, and ‘Lunar Rotisserie’ and ‘Technique’ have extended instrumental parts to recommend them.”


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